I’m a web developer for more than 6 years with huge experience and knowledge in e-commerce market and specialized in Magento Commerce platform, which one I own three developer certifications: Magento Front-end Developer (MFD), Magento Certified Developer (MCD) e Magento Certified Developer Plus (MCDP).

I’ve worked in many e-commerce projects based in Magento Community Edition (CE) and Community Enterprise Edition (EE). Projects of considerable sizes like Hering Web Store, Str Ar Condicionado, Grand Cru, Tonini, DressTo, Amsterdam Sauer, Livo Eyewear, Puket, Porto Seguro, PayPal Brasil and projects of huge size like Livraria Saraiva, one of the biggest cases based in Magento in the world and project which I was the Technical Leader. Nowadays I work as a Senior Software Architect and leader of the Magento development team at e-smart, the main Magento Gold Partner in Latin America and awarded as Partner of Excellence of 2014 for projects quality.

The Saraiva project is one of the hugest Magento projects in the world considering the concurrent visitors and unique visits per month, amount of products in their catalog, amount of active customers and sales per hour.

In this project I led the development team and also I was responsible for all the sales rule and performance customizations. I worked directly with Magento engineers when they were here in Brazil supporting the development process for this project.

I also worked in some other relevant projects like Hering Web Store, Porto Seguro, LIVO Eyewear, Puket, GrandCru and some which are described in my LinkedIn profile.

Personally I like challenges and diversity in projects. I like to work each day with a different problem or to create different solutions. I think this is the only way to really gain a huge experience in one the areas I love.

Magento was my chosen platform since I began to develop for web and since then I’ve gained much experience on it. Basically I feel much comfortable to tell that nothing scares me with Magento anymore. I’ve already worked with many features in community and enterprise versions like Checkout, SalesRule, Catalog, CMS, Payment, Shipping, API, CatalogInventory, Customer, Newsletter, PayPal, Rating, Review, Wishlist, Price customizations and another ones specifics for enterprise version like Banner, CustomerBalance, GiftCard, GiftRegistry, Logging, PageCache, Reward and so on.